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Secure Online Banking with IBM® Security Trusteer Rapport™

At Harbor Community Bank, your security is our top priority. That is why we have partnered with IBM, a leading expert in financial security, to offer Trusteer Rapport online fraud protection software, customized to protect Harbor Community Bank’s Business Online Banking customers at no cost to you.

What is Trusteer Rapport?

Trusteer Rapport is an advanced endpoint protection solution designed to help protect users from financial malware and phishing attacks. Once installed, this innovative IBM technology picks up where conventional security software fails. As long as you keep Trusteer Rapport running, it will also help prevent future attempts to infect your computer. IBM also communicates with Harbor Community Bank, allowing our security team to take immediate action against changes in the threat landscape.

How does Trusteer Rapport work?

Trusteer Rapport does not look for file signatures. Trusteer Rapport does not bother to examine what the file is, but rather it examines what the file does. Trusteer Rapport detects the malware installation process and breaks it—helping to keep the computer clean. Even if malware managed to install on your device, Trusteer Rapport helps detect and block any attempt by the malware to compromise the browser and your online banking session. By stopping the malware’s bad behavior, Trusteer Rapport is able to provide protection above and beyond what is possible with anti-virus.

How Trusteer Rapport Protects You?

  • Removes existing financial malware from your computer immediately.
  • Prevents financial malware infections when accessing malicious websites or downloading malicious applications.
  • Stops phishing attacks from stealing your credentials and data.
  • Automatic updates are done in the background keeping up with the latest threats.
  • Compact software that will not slow down your computer or interfere with your applications.
  • Protection starts with a quick installation (to help ensure full protection, please restart your computer).

How do you know it is working?

  • Once installed, a green Trusteer Rapport icon will be displayed near (or in) the browser’s address bar when you are viewing a website that is protected by Trusteer Rapport.
  • If the site is unprotected, a grey icon will display instead.

Figure 1: The Trusteer Rapport icon in the address bar demonstrates when the site is protected.

*If you have already installed Trusteer Rapport through another institution, you DO NOT need to download it again through Harbor Community Bank. Your computer is already protected.

Watch this video to learn more:

IBM Trusteer Rapport is offered by IBM. To contact IBM with accessibility questions about their product, please visit Trusteer Rapport support.

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